PRAGUE / Two days before the inauguration at the Country pavilion, the fever of installation

The France pavilion: Microcosm, Prague

Prague, June 4, 2019, two days before the opening of the Quadrennial. Like a babel tower dedicated to scenography, the Prague Exhibition Center already brings together more than 79 countries working side by side to install their pavilion for three days. France is of course more than involved. On this second day of installation, the two French pavilions are taking shape.

The frenzy is as dense as organized since yesterday. The French pavilions are being deployed at high speed. Philippe Quesne's country pavilion microcosm is almost complete. On the other hand, the students of the Ninth School are busy in the pavilion truck. Discover the work in progress below.

Country Pavilion : Microcosm

School Pavilion : The Ninth school