Talk and workshop tour of the school pavilion


Saturday, May 18, 2019
Free entry
↗ Nanterre-Amandiers, Centre dramatique national, Nanterre.

3:00pm-4:00pm: Workshop tour of the school pavilion designed by the students scenographers of the Ninth School for the 2019 Prague Quadrennial


"To brave here is first of all "to do", in a very material joy - to build, to pick up, to cultivate, to cook, to darn, to make, to garden, to change rhythm, to assemble, to braid, to draw, to raise, to dig , to go outside, to speak, to quote ... Build faster and everywhere. Telling stories, inventing stories, making stories too: to make difficulties, to make the wrecking gestures harder. ".
Marielle Macé,
Nos cabanes*, éditions Verdier 2019

For years and now for months, places of meetings, living, and renewed possibilities are being invented and are trying themselves as an infinity of concrete and habitable utopias. From artistic stages to political places, from zones to defend to occupied traffic circles, a set of huts and other shelters, both precarious and solid at the same time, because they are holding on unlikely solidarities, are built. They are being built and are constantly being destroyed, without causing the sorrow and compassion of the nation or nations.

But on the sidelines of a sadness that everyone should experience when a symbol goes up in smoke, small pockets of joy, laughter, sharing of ideas and circulation of redistributed words, remain there, hold and make visible what we care about. It is in support of these glimmers that persist and make a little light and brilliance to the monotony of the survival modes and lifestyles imposed , that we propose, within the cycle "Possible worlds", this meeting at the crossroads of artistic, poetic and political worlds.

More than a series of keynotes separated from one another, this meeting is thought like a long conversation in 3 stages and opened to the listening audience where the gathered people will be mobilized in the construction of huts, or finding in that, whether authors or spectators, the promises of possible worlds to which we will not cease to hold.

The exchanges will be led by Camille Louis , philosopher and playwright, with:
Phia Ménard and Philippe Quesne , artists and scenographers
Marielle Macé , specialist of literature and author of Nos cabanes
Christophe Laurens , architect and co-author of Notre-Dame-des-Landes ou le métier de vivre
Ludovic Lamant , journalist at Mediapart and author of Bruxelles chantier. Une critique architecturale de L’Europe
Quentin Ravelli , sociologist who has followed the constructions and deconstructions of huts on the traffic circles of Loiret

An event organized as part of the cycle "Possible Worlds" and the french presence at Prague Quadrennial 2019, in partnership with ARTCENA. In partnership with Mediapart

Video of the event (in French)