Performance / Disappearances


1-9 March 2019
TNS, Strasbourg

In 2018-2019, all students in scenography in the partner schools vibrate to the rhythm of the Quadrennial. The schools organise public meetings to discover the work of the students, in connection with the themes of the Prague Quadrennial. The students of the Groups 44 and 45 of the School of the TNS lead the project Disappearances, based on the play Disappearances by the french playwright Christophe Pellet . This project exemplifies the echo between the Quadrennial and the schools by exploring the themes of the invention of a new world and a community of humans, governed by new relationships...

The 51 students training in the four sections of the TNS, led by the stage director students seize the text Disappearances by Christophe Pellet to propose four versions, four visions. The public will discover the four plays after six weeks of rehearsals under professional conditions.

Disappearances projects us into a future world where screens, which until then were part of everyday life, have disappeared. Another relationship to the other can then engage, relationship to the body of the other - sexual or love. Spontaneity seems possible again.

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