Exhibition - "Scenographies. From the artwork to the scene : Hamlet's quest."

ENSA Paris-La Villette

April 3 to 20, 2019
ENSA-Paris La Villette, Paris
Opening, April 2, 2019 at 6:30pm

In 2018-2019, all students in scenography in the partner schools vibrate to the rhythm of the Quadrennial. The schools organize public meetings to discover the work of the students, in connection with the themes of the Prague Quadrennial.

On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary and the French presence at the Prague Quadrennial 2019, ENSA Paris-La-Villette presents the exhibition Scenographies. From the artwork to the scene: "Hamlet's quest".

The scenographic space has an imaginary, metaphorical and emotional dimension but also a functional and technical one, on or off the stage, in a theatrical or non-theatrical space, but it only exists during the performance time. So how to represent it?

In 1992, the exhibition Words and Matter presented a century of scenography (1880-1998) in its relationship with dramaturgy, through ten reconstructed models of Hamlet's scenography.

In 2019, the exhibition Scenographies. From the artwork to the scene continues to represent this evolution (1998 - 2018), through five new modeled scenographies and researches around the multiple visions of Hamlet, in a period marked by the bursting of the space and the dramaturgy.

Faced with the multiple reorganisation of the approaches to scenography, this exhibition attempts to trace the links that have been woven, by similarities but also breaks, between the evolution of scenography and that of the teachings.

Discover the process of creation in the Logbook