Quatre intervenants sont réunis sur la scène de l'auditorium de la SACD

Panel #2 / The dramaturgy of space

SACD, Paris

November 26th, 2018
14h30 - 16h30
Maison des Auteurs de la SACD, Paris

Aurélien Bory , director, stage designer and choreographer (compagnie 111)
Séverine Chavrier , musician, director and director of CDN d'Orléans/Centre-Val de Loire
Alix Denambride , author, director and performer
Caty Olive , scenographer and lighting designer.
Gwénola David , Executive Director of ARTCENA moderates the meeting.

How does scenography create meaning and sensitivity? How do creators compose their score with this visual and sensory writing in motion? What new relationships can scenography invent with its audiences? Directors, lighting designers and scenographers evoke this art of working space to invent universes and create.

Co-organised by ARTCENA and SACD.

The video of the meeting (in French):