Fifth workshop - The Ninth School on the road ?

Ninth School, Nanterre-Amandiers

March 8th and 9th, 2019 in Nanterre-Amandiers. The eight scenography students from the Ninth School met for the fifth time in Nanterre-Amandiers. Time to choose

The Quadrennial is fast approaching and the fifth workshop allowed the Ninth School to definitively decide on the shape of the pavilion. Inspired by the theme of the island and the question of survival, the Ninth school has chosen to explore the possibility of itinerancy that is dear to them, and combine it with the aesthetics of poor and waste material that has been guiding the debates since the beginning of their meetings. The Ninth School has imagined a travelling pavillon. It is settled, the pavilion will take the form of a mobile scenography truck.

The Ninth School has sent us the first note of artistic intent that argues this choice of mobility. A note like a guideline for the creation in the final stretch before Prague.


What is a school? What makes a school?
Eight students, eight schools, eight perspectives on scenography.
So why are we gathered together in this "9th school" and what is the "9th" school " ?
That many questions that we have appropriated ourselves so as to try to seize the Pavilion School of the Quadrennial of Scenography in Prague.

Several constraints, the first being to form a proper group, to learn, to invent and to imagine with the eight of us.
The second, a trip: Prague.

A programmed itinerancy: how to integrate this aspect into the device of creation? Create in mobility. Use the journey as a collective creative process. Travelling as an appointment: to provoke, to generate, to produce. The road as the frame. To start from the imposed 9th school project and then to bypass its codes. If our eight schools are fixed learning sites, could we not invent a school that can only be thought of in mobility?
Itinerancy as the spirit of a profession? The scenographer moves, adapts, understands space.
A mobile school where you learn to adapt. A tool of mobility and independence : an equipped truck.
Tour the eight schools. Paris first, Strasbourg, Nantes and Lyon.
Collect, film, write, share ...
A truck, a hijacked manufactured object: a toolbox, a workshop, a school.
The truck as a witness of experiences, the fruit of plural modifications, by us and by others. How to transform the transport-object, into a tool-object and then into a scenographic object?

The truck as our school, a common place carrying stories. The pretext to create at 8.

The Ninth School

What was the Ninth School inspiration's this time ?

In these images below, but also in the 100-year-old Bauhaus birthday truck, among other things.

Some traces of this decisive workshop recount the winding path of creative thinking