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PRAGUE / The programmation of the Ninth school 2/3

Ninth School, Prague

The Pavilion of the Ninth School is a place of experimentation. It possesses a brain "a space for record keeping and executive function, and an intestine, “the second brain”, a space for sensory comprehension and sensitive perception.
It also possesses a heart: the programming, whose form is as polymorphous as the daily renewed activities that the pavilion houses. First part

"Kamtar Exquis"

Shehrazad and Ariane invent games to test new forms of learning scenography. Kamtar Exquis is an example. Based on the exquisite corpse exercise, here are the rules of the game. It's your turn to play !

Hidden cameras

When the Ninth School is away from the pavilion for official reasons, they keep in touch with the truck. Inside, the projector is plugged in and screens live smartphone filmed content, whether at the French Embassy in the Czech Republic, or at the Quadrennial Awards Ceremony.

Dancing Truck

Because partying is still another form of learning - getting to know each other, experimenting and living together, the truck has also turned into a Dancing Truck!

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