Credits MM - ARTCENA

Prague / International visit of the french pavilions


Prague, June 9, special day for France at the Quadrennial.
Philippe Quesne and the students of the Ninth school welcomed curators and visitors from around the world for a presentation in English of the pavilions, followed by an informal drink in the Vystaviste Park. A foamy moment

The Ninth school

At 4.30 pm, in the truck control room, the students read a text based on their statement to the public installed in the belly of the truck, and outside. The spectators were then invited to go around the truck to see all of its facets, before taking a piece of foam from the truck and form a procession towards the French country pavilion.


The procession stopped in front of Microcosm. Installed on the foam blocks, the public was able to listen to Philippe Quesne present his pavilion representing France in the Country and Region section.

A drink in the garden

The public, again carrying its blocks of foam, then headed to the Vystaviste Park nearby where exchanges continued informally over a drink.