Fourth workshop: how to scenograph in A3 size paper ?

Ninth School, Nanterre-Amandiers

The eight scenography students from the Ninth School met for the fourth time in Nanterre-Amandiers to create the school pavilion that France will present at the Prague Quadrennial in June 2019. A workshop to put things into perspective and go beyond the theme of the island

On the program of the fourth workshop: to step back from the theme of the island, to dream more widely, to question what the "Ninth School" wants to defend in Prague from a political point of view. What does it mean to "represent France"? What are the implications of presenting all schools and not just personal works? Stepping back, the Ninth school developped a more global reflection on the links between theater and ecology.

These reflections and discussions found their place in A3 sheets. Each student played the game and drew his proposals for the pavilions on A3 size paper. Genuine catalog of forms, one finds everything and its opposite in the few extracts of this profusion of projections that are gathered here. The iconic or unknown works which were reproduced in photograph and directly glued on the papers testify the diversity of the sources of inspiration.
Who knows, it is possible that the final pavilion is already drawn in these sheets, but that it remains - for the moment - elusive, inaudible among all the enclosed spaces, the living spaces, the spatial illusions, the cabinets of curiosity, buses and even the swimming pools that make up this amazing patchwork. Here are some excerpts: