Les étudiants étudient l'espace extérieur des Amandiers

Workshop #5 Ninth School


March 8th to 9th, 2019
↗ Nanterre-Amandiers, CDN, Nanterre.

In preparation for the creation of the "Schools pavilion", Philippe Quesne works with the project team of the "Ninth school", composed of students in scenography from the eight French higher education partner schools.

The Quadrennial is fast approaching and the fifth workshop allows the Ninth School to definitively decide on the shape of the pavilion. Inspired by the theme of the island and the question of survival, our Ninth school wishes to explore the possibility of itinerancy that is dear to them, and combines it with the aesthetics of poor and waste material that has been guiding the debates since the beginning of their meetings. The Ninth School imagines a travelling pavillon. It is settled, the pavilion will take the form of a mobile scenography truck!

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