Les étudiants de la Neuvième école commencent l'installation du camion

© Elodie Dauguet

WORKSHOP #6 - The Ninth school goes round on two wheels !

Ninth School, Nanterre-Amandiers

April 15-18, 2019 in Nanterre-Amandiers. The Ninth School met for the sixth workshop to create the school pavilion that France will present at the Prague Quadrennial in June 2019. A workshop at top speed!

A scenography truck

At the last workshop in March 2019, the Ninth School set its artistic course: to create an object that makes the emergence of an itinerant school of scenography possible, and expose it to the Quadrennial. The idea of a scenography truck, like a four-wheel toolbox, had become obvious. A month later, the decisions made, allowed to get into action.

According to Paul Eluard, there is no chance, only encounters. It was an important week because the Ninth school encountered their truck. The students looked for trucks to buy, and finally set their sights on a rare specimen: a former nomadic clothing truck shop, whose flank opens and folds to become a traveling stand, such as the African stalls that inspired the Ninth school, remember?. Because it was it, because it was us, the Ninth School found its truck, and vice versa.

A video with subtle urban emotion immortalizes the last farewell ride of the former owner to his amazing truck. He probably did not imagine that his racing truck would become the centerpiece of the scenographic epic of the return of France to the Prague Quadrennial.

First contact

Working or posing ?

The truck was there, empty, almost naked. Its metamorphosis can begin. And it began with projections in models, in a thousand and one ways.

A four-wheeled uterus ?

Searching for the arrangement of the interior aesthetics of the truck.
"These are collages from the images of inspirations for the interior of the truck because at the beginning we wanted it to be completely organic; a "uterus" type atmoshpere with pink and red colors as well as researches for the dashboard of the truck in a space shuttle / spies / showroom ! Afterwards, we changed the aesthectics "

Once again, Ariane sent a second letter to the logbook to talk about this workshop.

Dear you,

This week at Les Amandiers in Nanterre was intense! I was with Bianca, Lucie, Simon, Shehrazad, Camille, Estelle and Lea. This time we were not in the aquarium but in the workshops. A large common working table, picture trails improvised with polystyrene plates. And then we worked a lot outdoors, outside.

It's a real challenge to work with eight scenographers! We need to talk a lot so that everyone has his or her say. Each of us has his or her universe and yet we seek to create a common space that brings us together. We all have our way of expressing ourselves and we must find a common language.
Sometimes we can not get rid of doubt.

Having a week together at 8 is essential to create a common imaginary, to experiment at scale 1, to have the outside eyes of Philippe and Élodie, to have time to be together, to meet Marie and Yvan at the workshop, to think about materials.

These materials precisely ...

We all quickly agreed on using a raw material available here at Amandiers. Now, how to value this soft material that has lived. That's what we are looking for.

The different stories of our mobile learning are being written during this week,

See you soon,

In Prague can be, to hear our musings


Ariane Chapelet

Her first letter is just here