Les bâtiments de l'ensa Nantes au petit matin

école nationale supérieure d'architecture de Nantes

The school

With the DPEA (degree unique to schools of architecture), specialty Scenography, the ensa Nantes offers a rigorous education that takes place over two years in facilities specially dedicated to the 20 students of the course, out of the 1,000 total who make up the sudent body.

The DPEA Scenography course at Nantes is a specialised post-graduate programme created in 1984 at Clermont-Ferrand, then in 1999 moved to the ensa Nantes where it enjoys a context dedicated to its development.

Presentation of the training

The degree in Scenography was established from the idea that architecture, the “beyond the walls”, exhibitions, cinema, etc., share this in common with theatre, that they integrate the space, time and action to elicit – each in their own way – a sense of the dramatic. The degree results in a professional diploma oriented to the domains of stage design, theatrical scenography, event coordination, exhibitions, but also urban scenography as well as “lighting, art and mediation”. Following the requisite two years of study, there is a professionalisation semester, operated in close collaboration with local and national institutions, in addition to the research laboratory of the ensa (CRENAU). Through the application of studied subjects during the theoretical coursework, seminars and conferences, the faculty ensures a firmly built base in the existing research and writing behind each and every element of the course which provides students with a critical understand and rigor in their work.

Type of school

French public institution of higher education and research

Type of diploma

Diploma of architecture (DPEA)

Admission requirements

Minimum of bachelor’s degree (3rd year in the fields of architecture, visual and performing arts, space design, and art history).
Entry exam-based admissions following electronic transmission of application file and written admission exams.

Number of students per year

20 students every 2 years