Le bâtiment de l'ENSATT au crépuscule

École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre

The school

The ENSATT offers a 3-year course in scenography with modern facilities and appropriate spaces provided to students, including an amphitheater and proscenium stage seating 218.

Born more than 70 years ago in Paris and known first under the name Ecole de la rue Blanche, the ENSATT is a “Theatre School” located in Lyon since 1997 and allows professionals of the performing arts to enroll in an intensive course in the field of scenography.

Presentation of the training

The profession of the scenographer requires many skills: knowledge of the stage and machinery, drawing, architecture, painting, playwriting, history of the theatre. This course, offered by the ENSATT, is specialized in the conception of space design for performing arts. It is oriented around a culture and a practice of scenography in the world of the stage arts: theatre, dance, opera, puppetry and object performances. The coursework encourages the sharing of artistic projects and reflections alongside the other courses offered at the school, thanks to a team of educators largely coming from the theatre themselves. Central is also the evolution and diversity of the technical means and language, of the extreme need for a professional reality and is decidedly geared towards research and innovation.

Type of school

Public institute of higher education and research

Type of diploma

Diplôme Arts et Techniques du Théâtre de niveau I, equivalent to the degree of Master

Admission requirements

Two years post-secondary education, or professionals with at least three years’ experience in the fields of art, culture or performing arts, or in a related field, or occupying a position that drew upon the skills and duties of a scenographer.
Test-based admission process

Number of students per year

6 students