La cour de l'université Sorbonne Nouvelle, pleine d'étudiants

©Sorbonne Nouvelle Photothèque / E. Prieto Gabriel

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

The school

The professional bachelors in theatrical and event scenography being a degree conferred by a public university, it relies largely on theory, texts and through dramaturgy as taught by professionals active in the world of performing arts.

The professional bachelors in theatrical and event scenography was created by the Institut d’Etudes theatrales of the Université Paris 3, within the department of Arts and Media, in partnership with the Ecole Boulle and the ESAA Duperré. It complements the other degrees offered in theatre studies offered at the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Presentation of the training

The professional bachelors in theatrical and event scenography offers a one-year course that is both theoretical (history of theatre, dramaturgy, critical performance study, ‘scenotechnique’, sociology, cultural institutions and policy) and practical (workshops and internships) within the fields of theatrical and event scenography. This bachelor’s offers students the chance to carry out scenographic projects. The course is taught by a team made of professors, artists and professionals of the performing arts (scenographers, lighting and sound technicians, construction managers, and directors). It is closely tied to the Professional bachelor’s in costume design for theatre and film created in 2016.

Type of school

Public university

Type of diploma

Professional bachelors, theatrical and event scenography

Admission requirements

2 years of bachelor’s study (for traditional students) or proof of equivalent professional experience corresponding to this level of study
Admissions test: online application, hard copy application and interview

Number of students per year

18 students