La façade de l'école du TNS

École supérieure d’art dramatique du Théâtre National de Strasbourg

The school

The National Theatre of Strasbourg, the only national theatre to also have a school of theatre, offers a non-traditional course that brings together scenography and costume design. Enrolment has increased each year in this dual-degree based both on theory and practical application, taught in collaboration with other fields.

Since its creation in 1954 by Michel Saint-Denis, the existence of the Ecole superiere d’art dramatique of the National Theatre, Strasbourg, is dual and invaluable to the theatre itself, with which it has shared infrastructure and facilities. It prioritizes the interdisciplinary in offering a program that teaches actors, stage directors, scenographers, costume designers, directors and playwrights together in one class.

Presentation of the training

The course for scenographer-costumer designers combines the general education coursework with training in technical tools (drafting and planning, construction and machinery, techniques of décor design, moulding, props and costumes, etc.) and offers periods dedicated to individual research and practical exercises in collaboration with students from the other units. The teams for couture workshops and construction workshops of the TNS work closely with the students who get the chance to experience a real professional immersion. The course takes three years and alternates or combines weekly courses with intensive workshop periods based on the ‘masterclass’ principle conceived of and directed by a guest speaker. Student who wish to do so may write a thesis during the third year and graduate with a Masters. Students participating in the Prague Quadrennial project are those in the first year.

Type of school

National vocational school

Type of diploma

Bachelors or Masters

Admission requirements

High school diploma or equivalent
Admissions exam: admissions application, interview and jury selection

Number of students per year

4 students